Tax Services

People think that there are two parties in simple transactions – buyer and sell, lender and borrower, landlord and tenant – but in fact there are usually three and sometimes four parties in almost all transactions.  These are the “silent partners” we all have to deal with  – the Treasury of the United States of America and, frequently, a state or local taxing authority.

Steve Mooney Law Offices P.C. helps you with tax issues in the following ways:

  1. Planning:  Avoiding taxes is perfectly legal.  Evading taxes gets people into trouble.  Structuring transactions – the purchase and sales of assets, holding assets in trust, transferring property – should be done in the most tax effective way possible.  Limiting the amount of tax in a transaction and setting aside enough money to pay what taxes may be due should be done in all facets of one’s business life.  Most of the best tax work is done here – way back at the beginning, before there is a problem.  Dealing with tax issues before the fact is the best approach.
  2. Negotiating: Problems with the Internal Revenue Service and other taxing authorities can, and do arise.  I’ve known people to get notices from the IRS and adopt the “ostrich approach” of dealing with the problem – they put the notice in the drawer and forget it.  This only leads to further problems and far more costly in the long run than simply addressing the problem up front.  We negotiate with the IRS to address the scope of the problem, identify the most cost-effective solutions and put the problem to bed.  Doing nothing is always a mistake.
  3. Litigating: I represent people in US Tax Court and in other courts to address tax issues that have been left unaddressed for too long.  We have the expertise necessary to help clients avoid civil and criminal liability for tax matters.

Handing down one of the basic decisions of U.S. constitutional law, the Supreme Court handed down a ruling in McCulloch v. Maryland, way back in 1819.  Writing for the majority of the court, Chief Justice John Marshall declared, “the power to tax involves the power to destroy.”  Failing to properly address tax issues can lead to disastrous results.

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