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My name is Steve Mooney, and I represent small business owners, families, and individuals, having practiced in the Greater Boston area since 2003. My clients have come to expect second to none customer service because I'm committed to responding to clients promptly, on time, and within budget. Whether you have a concern about Estate Planning, business and taxes, probate administration, bankruptcy, or some other legal issue, you have arrived at the right place.

If I can address your issue, you will not find a lawyer more committed to helping you. If I am not the right lawyer for your issue, I will refer you to one of my excellent colleagues who can help you with your specific needs and concerns. Please call me on my direct line any time at (978) 457-3834.
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Estate Planning

Through Estate planning, Steve guides individuals, couples and their families through the process of anticipating and arranging for the disposition of an estate.

Let Steve help you develop comprehensive estate planning documents for your family today!


Bankruptcy protects debtors from creditors by giving debtors a “fresh start.” The two most common forms of bankruptcy for individuals in the United States are liquidation bankruptcy (Chapter 7) and debt adjustment for people with a regular income (Chapter 13).

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Family Business

In a family business, one or more family members have a significant ownership interest commitment to the success of the business. Often, such businesses are the primary source of family wealth and, therefore, an important factor in estate planning.

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