Real Estate

Our clients frequently have real estate matters that they want Steve Mooney Law Offices, P.C. to address.  We are glad to address a variety of residential and commercial real estate issues including:

  • Purchase & Sale Agreements
  • Leases
  • Mortgages
  • Real Estate issues with tax, estate planning and bankruptcy implications especially
  • Deed Preparation

Buyers of residential real estate often rely on the bank’s attorney to negotiate the purchase and sale agreement.  This often works out just fine, but Steve Mooney Law Offices, P.C. offers buyers legal representation of their interest alone.  When representing the Buyer, we will not represent the bank or the title insurance company.

Sellers of residential real often ask if the need an attorney at all.  Before deciding to represent yourself when selling a home, call Steve Mooney.  He’ll tell you about the time he was representing a Seller of an empty house on the north shore of Boston.  A fixture in the upstairs bathroom sprung a leak the weekend before closing, ruining much of the second floor, the living room, and part of the kitchen.  The Sellers were convinced that all was lost and that there was no hope to get the house sold.  By immediately addressing the issue with all concerned, Steve was able to get the deal closed with a delay of only 5 days.  The work to fix the problem was not done during this time, of course, but a plan was outlined to address the concerns of all parties, and the deal was secured.

Steve Mooney Law Offices P.C. is not a “closing factory” by any means, but clients get the personal service in real estate issues, as in other area, that keeps them coming back again and again.

Contact the Steve Mooney Law Offices today to get started on your real estate issues.